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Global Fellows in Washington, D.C. is an innovative internship program designed to equip University of Maryland undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience necessary to become leaders in our increasingly globalized society.


Global Fellows students participate in an integrated combination of classroom and direct professional experience designed to provide a deep understanding of global leadership and policy, and the ways in which the two are developed, influenced, and carried out. For additional domestic options including energy, health, national security and political engagement, please visit our sister program, Federal Fellows!

Fall Seminars

Learn about global leadership and policy. The fall seminar course is taught by expert practitioners and leaders in their field.

Spring Internships

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Supplementary Courses

Increase your learning experience through University of Maryland supplementary courses chosen for Global Fellows.

Professional Opportunities

Attend workshops, roundtable discussions, and off-campus lectures about real-world applications in a globalized society.



Image of Santiago Rios, Global Fellow Alumnus Global Fellows alumnus (U.S. Diplomacy and Policy Making 2024) Santiago Rios just received the Charles B. Rangel Fellowship to begin a career as a diplomat following the completion of an International Affairs masters degree.

Latest Fellows Program Newsletter

Image of Fellows Program Newsletter Read our latest 2024 newsletter for Federal & Global Fellows alumni. Learn about the growth of our programs; hear from alumni, current students, and faculty; and keep in touch with your peers. For additional program/alumni updates, refer to our 2018 newsletter, 2017 newsletter and 2016 newsletter!

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